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5 of the best web hosting providers in the US

There are many great Web Hosting providers in the US but there are only a select few who offer something different in the sense they have been established longer and provide hosting services to already thousands of happy clients – those select few are listed below.

hostgator hosting coupon and – Many web developers have been using Host Gator for years and they have always been one of the very best hosting providers in the world consisting of great support, a fantastic pricing structure and a service based off some of the very best hardware available. Host Gator host more than 80 million domains which just goes to show how popular they really are. – How about an established hosting provider like Dream Host for your website needs? Dream Host have been around for a decade and they aren’t going away any time soon. If you’re looking for a reliable service that is backed up with an extremely helpful customer service helpdesk then Dream Host is the provider for you.

justhost – Just Host offer secure web hosting services all around the world, including the US, Europe and even Australia. If you’re looking for a simple shared hosting package that can offer everything from unlimited disk space to free Google Adwords credit then Just Host are the host for you.

bluehost review - best hosting for wordpress – Blue Host is the least popular hosting company out of the five but they have been providing services to happy clients for years. With guaranteed 100% uptime and $3.95/mo coupon to start using the best hosting for WordPress sites  you can’t go far wrong with Blue Host.

rackspace – Rack Space are generally a hosting brand for the more technical of companies who offer dedicated servers to their clients. They offer rack space within their data centres so companies can be sure of a quality and secure service.

The above five web hosting providers are chosen based on statistics and from eight years of personal experience and coupons and promo codes for hosting provided by–  purely because these companies are the biggest and most competitive suppliers of quality web hosting in the world. If somehow the above companies do not tickle your fancy and they have a feature missing you desire then maybe you can check out the following list of smaller companies who may be able to assist you. – Soft Layer have been providing cloud hosting and dedicated services for years, maybe they have the more advanced features you require? – Domain would be in my top five list but unfortunately for them there are bigger companies around – they have been around for nearly fifth teen years so they definitely have the desired experience and establishment you require.